CS-Cart - the professional e-Commerce software for single shops or marketplaces with multiple vendors

We are your professional cs-cart agency

We have been creating professional online shops based on cs.cart for many years and are official partners of cs-cart. We are more than able to create your online shop as a single shop or as a multi-vendor / marketplace with multiple sellers in one portal.

We can create your cs-cart shop according to your needs and wishes and adapt the design of your corporate identity.

We develop customer-specific solutions for cs-cart

You have an idea, we have the solution!

We are your partner so that your webshop works perfectly and covers the solution you need. Our developers find solutions to your problem and expand the diverse functions of cs-cart to meet your needs.

CS-Cart development by certified specialists

We have been certified by cs-cart and are proud of it. We have thus proven that we develop optimal solutions for our customers. We would be happy to convince you of this and show you references of our work on request.

CS-Cart professional e-Commerce support

If you ever have any problems with your cs-cart shop, don't worry because we are at your side and help you. Likewise, we are at your disposal if you have questions about the functions of the software.

The advantages of CS-Cart

In contrast to other shop solutions, cs-cart does not incur any running costs for the software. Once bought, this is yours and so you can keep an eye on the costs.
Cs-cart stands for high security standards
CS-Cart was developed and founded by specialists in 2005. Professionals take care of the software every day and optimize it. If an error is found or reported, it will be remedied within a very short time.
Cs-cart knows how important speed is
An important point to satisfy customers is the speed of a website. Long loading times cause customers to leave an online shop. The cs.cart team is constantly working to improve the loading times of the software. Cs.cart is significantly faster than the competition and that benefits you.
Search engine optimization - cs-cart is ready
As a shop owner, you know how important search engines are for your sales. That is why at cs.cart it is possible to determine SEO parameters down to the smallest detail and to configure them accordingly. In contrast to the competition, this is integrated into the software as standard, without you having to buy anything.

Customized software? No problem with cs-cart

The software has an open PHP source code and a developer API. There is also a large community that shares their findings with each other.

In contrast to the competition, the open structure has the advantage that the software can be flexibly and easily adapted for you. Some of it can even be done without programming knowledge.

Why and how cs-cart will make your life easier?

Shopware has been on the market for many years and has conquered the world of e-commerce with more than 60,000 satisfied customers.

User-friendly admin panel

Your control center is the administration panel. From here you control your shop and everything is logically and sensibly structured. The administration area of cs.cart has integrated all the necessary tools so that you can easily manage your shop.

A powerful content management system (CMS) is integrated that allows you to create new pages and make this SEO friendly.

Fast frontend responsive design

One of the most important aspects is that an online shop is displayed quickly and without errors on every display. For this reason, care was taken during the development of cs.cart that a responsive design ensures that all common formats are supported.

Regardless of whether it is a television, computer monitor, smartphone or tablet. All devices are supported and a quick image construction is ensured.

Payment and shipping methods

Payment and shipping are important elements in an online shop. At cs.cart, over 70 payment methods and eight shipping methods have been integrated, so that the right methods can also be offered for your customers. Different providers are preferred depending on the country and region, and cs.cart offers the most important ones for each country.

This means that your customers do not have to worry about payments and can be sure that the deliveries will arrive reliably. You can configure any conceivable combination, a flexibility that is second to none.

Integrated and powerful SEO tools

If your website is not found in the search engines, the most beautiful online shop is worthless.

Cs-cart's SEO tools ensure that your products and website are found on the Internet. You can easily and effectively work with these tools in the administration area and thus ensure that your online shop is found.

Excellent layout manager

One of the most important points in a website is the placement of the content. The software from cs.cart has a built-in layout manager, which enables you to place page content using "drag and drop". This means that you can simply move and rearrange text or image blocks with your mouse.

An export-import function is available so that you can use a layout once it has been created. You can also use the layout manager to move your page navigation to your desired position. The export function also serves as a simple back-up for a changed layout.

Migration, Installation & Maintenance

Once you have decided to use Cs-Cart as a platform for your business online store, there are more steps than hosting, you need to make to have it functional. If you do not know how to do it or simply do not have the necessary time for it, let‘s discuss and we have the right additional services for you.

Migration - if you are using Cs-Cart 3.x, Magento, Shopify, Shopware or any other eCommerce platform we can migrate it to a brand new Cs-Cart site!

Installation - if you need help with one or multiple Cs-Cart installations and setup, do not hesitate to contact us in order to benefit from a professional Cs-Cart installation according to Cs-Cart best practices.

Maintenance - the day to day maintenance of a Cs-Cart store involves a myriad of tasks. When you outsource the Cs-Cart shop maintenance task to us, we ensure that your website is well-managed, optimized and updated at regular intervals.

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